AFTERLIFE tells the story of a near-future Earth torn apart by civil war after the collapse of the Unity Council, a global governing body created almost two hundred years previously to lead humanity toward a bright and peaceful future.

After decades of increasing oppression and brutality by wealthy and amoral governing corporations, the Councils authority has finally collapsed under the evidence of its many crimes against its own people.

Now the planet burns as sprawling Hyper-Cities built for a world of prosperity become lethal war zones. Dozens of corporations, emergent governments, resistance movements and criminal elements engage in an escalating conflict for power, wealth or simply survival.

With the hyper-cities in a state of lockdown under martial law, the Unity Council is under siege, engaged in high-intensity conflicts across dozens of warzones to restore Unity control. Each day more territories and corporations slip away to forge their own destiny in the chaos left by the Cataclysm.

Ajax Exo-Mech


AFTERLIFE is the new 28mm Sci-Fi Wargame from Anvil Industry, featuring a brand new rules set, an expanding range of high quality miniatures and narrative gaming scenarios allowing you to recreate the battle for Earth on your tabletop!

The Shards of Liberty is just the first planned volume of AFTERLIFE. New Volumes will expand the game with lots more factions, miniatures and scenarios, as well as advancing the narrative story with new artwork and background material.
Each volume will be a standalone game, but will be fully compatible with other Volumes and the entire miniatures range as it expands.

You will also be able to pick and choose Units and characters from the entire range to create your own unique playable faction, so you can tell your own story in the AFTERLIFE universe!