In the aftermath of the Cataclysm the Unity Council has proclaimed the Edicts of Unity, documents revoking almost all remaining civil liberties and abolishing even the trapping of a former democratic government. The Unity Council regards all breakaway states and mega-corps as illegitimate usurpers and has mobilised its vast military resources to restoring control, raising a ring of steel around Unity City and other key hyper-cities.

Raul Tennyson, First Councillor of Unity, has demanded the total surrender of all dissenting Governance Corporations and an immediate restoration of Unity Council power, offering in exchange amnesty and negotiations to restore civil liberties once the crisis is over.

Faced with the Councils overwhelming military superiority, the emergent Pan-Continental Republic is in danger of annihilation. However, Vargo Federici, First Senator of the Republic, knows Raul’s promises are empty and that his rule will only become more oppressive and murderous if he is not stopped.

In absolute secrecy, the Republic has assembled an elite strike force, able to deploy from experimental hyper velocity assault craft which are believed capable of penetrating the defences of Unity City, the seat of the Councils power.

With the planned decapitation strike, code named THE SHARD INITIATIVE, Federici hopes to cripple the Unity Council’s power in a single devastating blow.

The Republic’s plan is impossibly risky, but there is no other way, and the fate of billions rests in the bravery and skill of barely a hundred special forces operatives, volunteering for what will likely be their final mission.

Three SHARD vessels will deploy in the heart of Unity City, striking at a number of key targets including the central Sphere Nexus, the Headquarters of Krono-Tech and CRANE mega-Corporations, and the Unity Spire (seat of the Council’s power).

AFTERLIFE Volume One : The Shards of Liberty will allow you to fight out the exciting Shard missions on your tabletop. The game will include -

  • Full set of linked narrative scenarios recreating the pitched battles as the Republic teams fight toward their objectives.
  • A full collection of high quality resin miniatures for both the Republic Strike Teams and the defenders of Unity City.
  • Named Characters for both sides representing particularly notable and powerful fighters, who will have unique special skills and abilities in the game.

The action starts as the SHARD’s slam into Unity City.¬†Will you lead the Republics soldiers to achieve their objectives, or command the defenders of Unity City as they react to the attacks and rush to destroy the intruders?